Our Story

Rooted in adventure, sustainability and innovation.

At Root Republic, our mission is to create sustainable outdoor products that get you outdoors while helping to fight the global environmental crisis.  Rooted in adventure, sustainability and innovation, our products are designed to withstand any journey. Our commitment to a greener planet is reflected in the design of our products and in our business model.  With every purchase, we plant a tree in a forest affected by wildfire, deforestation or other human impact.

Root Republic Founders Billy Fernandez and Nate Saft are no strangers to deforestation.  From massive wildfires to large scale development and mining, Billy and Nate have witnessed their home town, California transform over the last two decades.

After traveling through Central America, South America and Southeast Asia it became evident that the problem reached far beyond their local forests.  Root Republic was founded in 2018 as a way to inspire a generation to cherish the outdoors while giving back.

Reforestation: One Tree Planted, 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

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