Our Mission

At Root Republic, our mission is to provide top-quality outdoor products while raising environmental awareness and inspiring a generation through direct action. We stand for exploration, conservation and reforestation. Get outdoors while we plant roots.

Explore a Greener Planet

 Our planet is our greatest gift.
With your help, we are working hard to preserve, protect and foster a healthier planet.


Born in the outdoors, built for adventure. Root Republic was founded with the spirit of outdoor adventure and exploration.  Our products are designed and tested to take you on any journey.  



We have partnered with One Tree Planted a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps reforest areas affected by wildfire, deforestation and other human impact.  Learn more about how we are working together to make a change. 

Environmental Awareness

As humans it is our duty to respect and protect the natural world.  Through environmental awareness, we can begin to fix the problems that threaten our fragile ecosystems and help protect our earth.